The Book of Selected Readings


The Book of Selected Readings (TBSR) is a peer-reviewed, annual IVLA publication selected primarily from papers based on the annual conference presentations. The publication has served as an important reference point for current research and issues concerning visual literacy. Besides providing seasoned scholars with an outlet for their work, one of the goals of this volume is to enable new scholars to publish their studies. TBSR is inclusive and serves as a place for scholars to publish their research, promote their work, and connect with their audience.

Criteria for Selection

All presenters at the annual IVLA conference are invited to submit a proposal (approximately 500-1,000 words excluding references) for article/book chapter consideration. The editorial team will select those proposals they deem appropriate and relevant for the publication. In order for manuscripts to be considered they must be:

• Based on presentations from recent IVLA annual conferences.
• Narrative includes a definition of visual literacy based on the current literature.
• Submitted manuscript is supported by appropriate images, illustrations, or photographs.
• Writing should follow the APA style format.
• Submitted for consideration by December 1, 2021, to Dr. Jung Lee

Editorial Process

• Every proposal submitted will be read by at least three reviewers: external reviewer(s) and editor(s). (Proposal Submission)
• Every manuscript submitted for publication consideration will be reviewed by at least two editors. (Full Manuscript Submission)
• The editorial team will recommend to either publish the manuscript as submitted, publish the manuscript with suggested revisions, or mentor the manuscript for future publication. In all cases, the author will be notified of the decision, and receive the editors’ comments.
• Accepted manuscripts for publication will be copyedited by at least one editor.

Guidelines for Proposal Submission

Please read this document carefully before submitting your paper. Email your proposal to TBA by December 1, 2020.

1. Please submit one digital copy of your proposal that includes the title of the work (preferably not exceeding 40 letters and spaces) followed by an abstract of 500-1,000 words and a list of 4 or 5 keywords or brief phrases. This copy must have all author information removed.
2. A separate file with the title of the work (preferably not exceeding 40 letters and spaces) names and contact information for all authors (include name, highest degree, mailing address, phone, e-mail, and institutional affiliation as appropriate).


• Follow APA style
• All submissions must be a Microsoft Word .doc or .docx file.
• Submitted proposals are deemed final as initial submission. Please ensure your proposal has been edited/proofread and is ready for review.
• The proposal should be double-spaced and has a page number as footer.
• Indicate headings and subheadings for different sections of the proposal clearly. Do not number headings.

Styles OP

• Body text: Arial, 12pt, 6pt paragraph spacing
• Author name: Arial, Bold, Italic, 12pt
• Keywords: Arial, 12pt
• Figure titles, legends and captions: Arial, 11pt
• Block quotations: Arial, 12pt, italic, indented 10mm from left margin
• Headings: Follow APA style


Each year, outstanding TBSR submissions are considered for two important awards. These are:

• Editors’ Choice Award — This award is given to the paper the editor/s consider the best work of all of the contributed papers. The Editors’ Choice Award paper is distinguished from the other papers in the book with a distinctive corner marking in the publication. The editors determine this award.

• Braden/Beauchamp Visual Literacy Award — This award, named for two previous editors of the Selected Readings, seeks to honor the paper that best helps contribute to the definition of the study of visual literacy. This award is given only in years where sufficient contributions have been made to the Selected Readings in this area. 


Please submit your proposal by December 1, 2021 via email to Dr. Jung Lee, Editor-in-Chief, The Book of Selected Readings at